• U7 & U8 will play cross rink under the ADM model

1. Tournament Rules 

  • All teams and players must be registered with USA Hockey or Hockey Canada. USA Hockey rules will apply except for those that have been modified in the tournament format.
  • Players may not play for more than one team.
  • Signed copy of the Jamboree tournament rules.

2. Team Information 

  • Home team will wear white and visitors dark, if both teams have the same color the home team will wear pullovers.
  • Each coach should have the team arrive 45 minutes prior to scheduled game and dressed in uniform colors, ready to take the ice 10 minutes prior to game time. Schedule change’s will be made at the tournament director’s discretion only.
  • Refusal to play a scheduled game or failure to appear on time for a scheduled game may result in forfeiture of remaining Jamboree games as determined by the tournament director.
  • Each team is responsible for the storage of its own equipment between games. Each coach will be responsible for insuring that the team leaves the locker room in a neat and orderly condition.

3. Game Rules 

  • Games will be played half-ice 4-on-4.
  • Each game will last 60 minutes with three 12 minute periods.
  • A 3 minute warm up will be given.
  • Shifts will be 90 seconds in length which will end with a buzzer.
  • Score will be kept, game stats will not.
  • Referees will be used to facilitate the game, after a goal is scored, puck will be place in the corner and game contuines. The emphasis is still on maximizing puck touches and playing time.
  • If a penalty is to be assessed the referee will keep track and a penalty shot taken at the end of the game.