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Welcome to HarborCenter's Buffalo Elite Hockey League (BEHL),  Western New York's premier summer developmental hockey league for AAA and AA travel players.  The league includes an 8 game season and playoffs running from June-August.

Summer BEHL divisions:

  • 8U BEHL (2010-2012)

  • 10U BEHL (2008-2009)

  • 12U BEHL (2006-2007) 

  • 14U BEHL (2004-2005)

- All players are required to apply/register

- Standings and player statistics

- Team rosters include 15 skaters and 2 goalies

- Coaches with Junior, NCAA and professional experience

- BEHL branded jersey, socks and exclusive league t-shirt included

- All games are Fridays, Sundays and the possibility of a few Saturdays

- All games played at HarborCenter

Cost for Skater is $160 and goalies are $80


Welcome to HarborCenter's Buffalo Elite Hockey League (BEHL) developmental summer hockey league. The BEHL is back and better than ever.

Step 1 - Registration

Click here to register. You will receive confirmation and more information by June 1st

Step 2 - Team Information

After the registration process is complete, you will receive all league information including team and schedule.

Step 3 - Puck Drop

Games begin in June and conclude in August.

  • Applications accepted until May 25th
  • Early June - Roster's & Schedule set
  • Below is a list of Game Day's 
  • Game Week 1June 22nd
  • Game Week 2 June 24th
  • Game Week 3 July 1st
  • Game Week 4 July 6th/July 8th
  • Game Week 5 July 13th/July 15th
  • Game Week 6 July 20th/July 22nd
  • Game Week 7 July 27th
  • Game Week August 5th
  • Playoffs August 10th
  • Finals August 12th

Teams will not play every date listed. 

Dates are subject to change.


2018 SUMMER BEHL Rule Book

1. Playing Area

Protective netting, wall, glass and ceiling are all considered “in play”. All divisions including 8U are full ice. 

2. League/Teams

The league is made up of four divisions.  

  • 14U (2004-2005)
  • 12U (2006-2007)
  • 10U (2008-2009)
  • 8U (2010-2012)

3. Game Flow

  • Each warm up is 3:00 minutes.
  • Each game is 27:30 minutes.
  • The only faceoff is the opening faceoff. 
  • 10U/12U/14U Shifts are 1:15 designed to push the pace and players will change on the horn.
  • 8U Shifts are 1:30 designed to push the pace and players will change on the horn. 
  • Games ending in ties will result in a sudden death shootout. 
  • Each team plays two back-to-back games on game day. 
  • Breaks in-between games will be 1:00.

4. Equipment

  • Full equipment is required for all players. 
  • Mouth guards are required for all players.
  • Facemasks are required for all players. 

5. Penalties

  • 8U/10U - penalties will result in that player being removed from the ice for the remainder of that shift.
  • 12U/14U - penalties will result in a penalty shot.

6. Playoffs

  • All teams will make playoffs. 

7. Golden Rule

  • The BEHL Commissioner may change any rule at anytime.

General Questions

1. When does the league start/end?
Applications will be accepted in April, and play begins in June. The playoffs conclude in August.

2. How much is the league and what does it include?
BEHL is $160 for skaters and $80 for goalies.  The league includes 8 game days plus playoffs, high-level coaches, t-shirt, jersey and socks.

3. Are all games at HarborCenter?
Yes. All games are at HarborCenter on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

4. Is parking free?
Yes, parking for players is included in your league fee.

6. Who picks the teams?
BEHL staff, coaches and scouts are responsible for accepting applications and dividing up teams.  The BEHL is a Rinks @ HarborCenter program.

7. What equipment do I need?
Full equipment including mouth guards and face masks are required for every level. 
8. Who are the evaluators for applications?
The evaluators for applications will be the BEHL coaches, scouts, and staff.  A list of committed coaches and staff will be posted soon.
9. Can I pick what team I play on?
No. Teams will be picked by the BEHL coaches, scouts and staff.  Family members will be placed on the same team for transportation purposes.

10. Can I submit a team?
No. The application process is for individuals only.

11. Who are the coaches?
The BEHL coaches are high level coaches and players with experience at the Jr. A, NCAA and Professional level.

12. When will the schedule be out? 
Dates are already available online, and game-times will be posted shortly.
13. How many games will we play a week?
A typical week will have one game day.  Bye weeks are worked into the schedule.  Major events like USA Hockey regionals, state and national tryouts will be blacked out at each level to ensure minimal conflicts.
14. Will there be practices?
There will not be practices.
15. Are standings and stats posted?
Yes, team, player, and goalie stats will be tracked and posted at
16.  What if I miss a game or two?
The BEHL price point makes it easy to miss a few skates because of conflicts.  The rate will not change based on how many skates you can make.

BEHL Front Office


League Commissioner - Sean Wallace
VP/Director of Hockey - Nik Fattey
Director of Hockey Technology - Ryan Vinz
Program Coordinator - Grace Streicher