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2006 Early Bird

The Channel Ticket allows streaming access to all games for the 2006 Showcase

Buffalo Jr. Sabres 2006 Early Bird Showcase 

General Rules

Playing Rules: USAH requires that our tournament be registered and that all participating players, coaches, officials and teams be USA Hockey/Hockey Canada/IIHF registered.   USA Hockey rules and penalties shall be enforced for all games.  

Length of game/Game Format: 

  • This is not a tournament, all games are in a showcase format.
  • A three-minute warm-up will be given to each game.
  • Period Lengths are 15-15-15. 
  • Games will end in a tie at the end of regulation - no overtime.


  • Every team is mandated to provide an approved USA Hockey roster for all USA Hockey teams, or an approved Hockey Canada roster from their governing body for all Canadian teams.  This is due prior to the team’s participation in the tournament.  Only players and staff members listed and approved on this official roster can participate, be on the bench and in the locker room area.  No exceptions.  
  • Eligible Players-  Only players whose names appear on the first game sheet are eligible to play. Players may play for only one team registered in the tournament.
  • All players must complete a HarborCenter Waiver.
  • HarborCenter staff will bring the scoresheet to the locker room for the coach to sign, and will bring the score sheet to the scorekeeper prior to the start of each game.
  • Following the completion of each game, HarborCenter staff will hand each coach a copy of the score sheet, after the referees have reviewed and signed the sheet.
  • Home team will wear WHITE jerseys and visiting team will wear DARK jerseys. 


  • This showcase is sanctioned by USA Hockey.  The sanction no. is NYT192043The following USA Hockey rules may differ or may not be recognized by teams from Canada or IIHF teams.
    • Tag Up Offsides
    • Icing on the penalty kill
  • Post-Game Handshakes- Teams will line up at center ice after the game for the handshake.
  • Timeouts:  One 30-second timeout per team is permitted during all tournament games.

Players, Coaches, Team Personal, Parents Conduct Policy:

  • Coaches, Parents and Team Personnel. Coaches, parents and other team or association personnel may be suspended or expelled from HarborCenter, including all games and removal from the rink premises, for conduct deemed by HarborCenter staff to be detrimental to the best interests of youth hockey. Such conduct shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

    a. fighting or inciting others to fight;

    b. obscene language, conduct or behavior;

    c. language, conduct or behavior intended to intimidate others;

    d. refusal and/or failure to immediately heed a directive from a referee, from     authorized rink personnel, or from the Tournament Director.

Officials/Off-Ice Officials:

  • All tournament officials will be current members that are in good standing with USA Hockey and are deemed qualified to officiate at the level he/she is assigned.
  • A ZERO tolerance policy for verbal abuse is in effect and will be enforced for all team officials, players and spectators.
  • HarborCenter has NO authority or ability to overturn or change any on-ice call made by the on-ice officials, or make changes to a game sheet, once signed by the officials.
  • HarborCenter will provide scorekeepers and proper off ice officials.

Additional Information:

  • Team Buses will be able to park in surface lots located between Perry/South Park-Mississippi/Baltimore unless otherwise directed by the HarborCenter staff.
  • Coaches, Parents and Spectator Parking in the HarborCenter ramp costs $3 per entry.
  • Players being dropped off from the team bus will enter at the Washington Street entrance.
  • Players not arriving on a team bus enter via the Main Street entrance where they can be dropped off and then take the elevators that will take them directly to the ice rinks level.
  • Game Pucks ONLY will be in the freezer in the score box on both rinks.